duminică, 30 septembrie 2007


Veteran graphic design/typography and letterpress teacher from the London College of Printing: David Dabner talks... giving an insight into the principles of design, creative letterpress and why computers make students sloppy.

"Computers make students sloppy, it makes for sloppy thinking and sloppy approach."

"Good typographers can think, if you cant think you produce a lot of nonsense because in thinking you can delete the nonessential."

"...they stop actually using pencil and paper and they work directly on the computer which in itself is ok but I think the computer inhibits their ability to develop."

"An analogy can be someone playing jazz, you've got to learn the instrument first, you cant...you can but it just sounds bloody awful."

"Its a tool, just like any tool, you need to learn to use it."

"Its changed, you have to accept change, you cant hold back. but basic principals of typography haven't changed.

"You do become elitist because you care, you need to be a little bit elitist there's nothing wrong with that. You've got to care about what you do."

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